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The Freedom From Back Pain Program offers a step-by-step approach to help you to reduce or eliminate your back pain so that you can get your life back and move pain free!

We have helped hundreds of people to reduce and eliminate their pain! During this program, we will be sharing with you the core principles and techniques we teach our clients to solve their pain... so that you, too, can feel better

"My pain level was at a 10... Since working with Jennifer for just a week, I'm averaging 2-3 on a daily basis. Jennifer's technique has worked for me. I would definitely recommend this to others."

- Tricia Beck, chronic back pain for 25 years

"The pain level was about a five or six [in my back and shoulders.] Since working with Jennifer, if I do feel the pain; it's now very minimal--about a one or two. I can focus more on my artwork; I can do better in school; I can be more efficient at work. I can spend more quality time with my family and my pets." - Payton Rink, pain for 6 months

Reduce or eliminate your pain

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