"After a 10-year battle with excruciating pain,

I'm pain-free!"

Several years ago, we met Patty who was struggling with severe chronic pain in her right wrist.


"It was a good 10-year battle dealing with the pain--constant pain. If I would lift things in a certain way, an excruciating pain would go up my elbow and down my hand, which was very annoying. I would drop things because my wrist just couldn't hold whatever pressure I was giving it. It was very, very uncomfortable and very noticeable," Patty explains.


Patty loves to garden, but the pain was so bad that it prevented her from doing much of anything in her yard. "I'd be in the house watching TV and not being very happy because I couldn't be outside."


The pain also interfered with her ability to work and do everyday tasks and activities like washing dishes. 


"For ten years, I had been taking Advil and just dealing with the pain and pressure...I met Jennifer a couple years ago and she had given me several treatments which has definitely taken away my pain! I’m happy to say I'm pain-free! It has completely changed my life--I can do dishes, I can pull weeds, I can pick up things! I can do all the things that I want to do. And I will keep doing them because I'm pain free!"

"This is just the best thing in the entire world--getting down and dirty with the weeds and making your yard look beautiful!"

"The biggest thing I can do now that I'm pain-free is I can go into the backyard and pull weeds for hours like I always used to do. It's just no problem, where it was a problem--big time--before. I was dreading thinking I was going to go outside to pull weeds and then be in pain, so it wasn't worth it."

"Since my treatments with Jennifer, I have had no pain and I'm very happy with what Jen has done for me. I totally love working out in my yard and using my hands. This is my solitude--this is how I get my peace and quiet. I pull weeds now so much that when I go to sleep, I see weeds in my eyes!"

"I’m very grateful for Jen
and for what she has done for my life!"