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"After a 10 year battle with constant, excruciating pain,

I am now pain free!

This completely changed my life!"

- Patty Morton

"Best decision I ever made!"

- Tom Trichinotis, back and

neck pain for 51 years

Does pain... 

  • slow you down? 

  • distract you at work? 

  • keep you up at night?

  • get in the way of your hobbies? 

  • prevent you from getting daily tasks done?

  • make it hard to enjoy being with your friends and family?

Whether your pain is annoying, frustrating, or completely taking over your life...

We understand.

We have been there.

We know pain.


Our clients have had pain anywhere from 1 day to 50+ years! Many people have experienced amazing results from our work! 

"My pain level was at a 10... Since working with Jennifer for just a week, I'm averaging 2-3 on a daily basis. Jennifer's technique has worked for me. I would definitely recommend this to others."

- Tricia Beck, chronic back pain for 25 years

"The pain level was about a 5 or 6 [in my back and shoulders.] Since working with Jennifer, if I do feel the pain; it's now very minimal--about a 1 or 2. I can focus more on my artwork; I can do better in school; I can be more efficient at work. I can spend more quality time with my family and my pets." - Payton Rink, pain for 6 months

We invite you...

"My shoulder pain was severe--

I was at a level 9 out of 10.

It's been at 0 for over 1.5 years! Like it never happened!"

- Alan Burke

Join us for a Freedom from Back Pain Consultation.

During this session, we will work together to help you..

=> Create a crystal clear vision for your ideal health

=> Uncover any hidden challenges that may be blocking you from getting better

=> Feel renewed, re-energized, and inspired to take action towards finally feeling better! 

We have helped over 1300 people to reduce and eliminate their pain!

We would love to help you feel better too! 

Reduce or eliminate your pain

and get Back on Your Feet!

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